As your District Attorney since 2013, Aaron Felton has focused on holding offenders accountable, keeping our communities safe, protecting victims’ rights, and preventing crime. As District Attorney, Aaron has:

  1. Collaborated with community partners, local leaders, and citizens to restore funding for Polk County’s public safety services
  2. Increased the number of prosecutors to offenders accountable
  3. Focused and prioritized the prosecution of crimes that hurt Polk County’s residents and families; including child, elder, and drug abuse, domestic violence, and sex offenses
  4. Strengthened the investigation of person crimes through improving coordination between law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office by expanding Polk County’s multi-disciplinary enforcement teams and creating a Sexual Assault Response Team
  5. Obtained grant funding to increase training programs for Polk County’s public safety agencies
  6. Expanded the Victim Services Division to ensure that victims of crime have the right to a voice in the courtroom and be treated with dignity throughout the criminal justice process
  7. Advocated for strong crime prevention programs through the implementation of mental health and drug courts that provide opportunities for individuals to make changes in their lives within the criminal justice system.

Every person has the right to feel safe in their home, their neighborhood, and their community.  The role of the district attorney is to work with law enforcement to prosecute and bring to justice those who threaten people’s lives, security, and property. It is also the role of the district attorney to work with community leaders to promote strong families, safe schools, and a healthy business climate. As your District Attorney, Aaron Felton is committed to fighting for those values.





Aaron Felton for Polk County District Attorney